(on how it feels to be Super Bowl MVP) “Is it me? It’s such a tremendous honor, but to be a Super Bowl champion is enough for me.”

(on what this win means to the city of New Orleans) “It means everything. We’re here because of their strength and everything they fought through here the last few years. They’ve given us so much support, and so we owe it all to our fans.”

(on Coach Sean Payton’s belief that in big games you’ve got to make tough decisions: going for it on 4th-and-goal and starting the second half with a surprise onside kick) “That’s the type of team we are. We play with a very aggressive mentality; we play with a lot of confidence. We came to this game knowing we had to play loose and take a chance in order to win and we did.”

(on no turnovers for the Saints) “We knew that would be a key statistic coming in this game, win the turnovers, take care of the football, convert on third downs and score touchdowns.”

(on the defensive interception to clinch) “That was huge. That was a game changer obviously. We’ve done that all year long. That’s not a surprise to me at all.”

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