Peyton Manning blew off Pete Carroll's surprise visit

The courtship of Peyton Manning gets an exhaustive look from Peter King in the next issue of Sports Illustrated, and might leave Pete Carroll blushing.

King writes that amid Manning's flirtations with NFL clubs, Carroll wanted in on the action. But when the Seattle Seahawks coach couldn't get an audience he decided to go proactive.

Writes King:
One more surprise: Manning got a call informing him that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll had flown, unannounced, with Seattle G.M. John Schneider to the airport in Englewood. Carroll would do whatever Manning wanted -- talk for a while in Denver or on the plane to Arizona, his next visit, or fly him to Seattle for a lengthier discussion.

Peyton Manning does not like surprises. He said no thanks. Carroll flew home.

We suppose Carroll deserves points for trying, but that had to burn.

This article was written by Tom Weir and appeared in USA Today.

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