Trophy & MVP Award Presentation - Ingles

Commissioner of the NFL: Roger Goodell
“It has been an extraordinary NFL season for our fans. You deserve it and we thank you very much for the support. Tonight’s game was a fitting end to that season and an extraordinary game tonight and a great ending. To the Giants; to the Mara and Tisch family, you’re now world champions once again, congratulations.”

Giants President & CEO: John K. Mara
(on getting used to winning the Super Bowl)
“No, you never get use to this, but I want to tell you one thing. A lot of teams around the country know what great fan support they have, but we know who the most loyal fans in the league are: Giants fans, and this is for you.”

(on a possible coaching change during the season)
“Well, that’s just part of this business. But listen, there’s not one coach in the league that I would trade Tom Coughlin for. We are blessed to have him and he’s a two-time world champion.”

Giants Chairman & Executive Vice President: Steve Tisch
(on winning twice within four years)
“I’ve never been involved with a group of guys who have played with more heart, more passion and more love for each other and for the game of football. We’ve got the greatest fans in the world, the greatest players in the world, an unbelievable coach in Tom Coughlin and I want everybody in New York, New Jersey around the world, this is for you guys. This team bled their hearts out for you.”

(on the close game)
“What a game. I mean, I thought four years ago was exciting – that was a dress rehearsal. This was one of the greatest football games I’ve ever seen and to share it with the city of Indianapolis – they did an amazing job and we just want to thank everybody. I’m looking at my players right now and I’ve never seen smiles that big.”

Giants Head Coach: Tom Coughlin
“Thank you. We share this with all the players, all the coaches, all the people that really did a tremendous job to get us here. To play against a great team like the Patriots and to have a finish like that that goes down in history, that’s a marvelous feeling.”

(on what he told the team going into half time down by a point)
“We had a couple penalties that I thought took points off the board for us there in the first half, but when we got in for half time I said, ‘we can play better than this, guys. We are better than this’, and everybody agreed and kind of got energized again and came out with convention and the rest is history.”

(on being a two-time Super Bowl Champion following mentor Bill Parcells)
“Well, I’m not about comparisons or anything of that nature, I’m very thankful and very grateful for the opportunity that I’ve had as a head coach of the New York Giants. The wonderful players I’ve had worked with, the coaches that have surrounded us and the support from ownership, that’s what this is all about.”

Giants QB: Eli Manning
(on being the MVP)
“It’s been a wild day. It’s been a wild season, but we have a great, tough bunch of guys – guys that never quit and that have great faith in each other and I’m just proud of our team and the way we’ve dealt with everything all season and came out strong.”

(on thinking you could be in trouble when down in the game)
“No, [we] stayed positive and I knew offensively we were moving the ball, we just weren’t getting touchdowns. We kept getting close, but our defense we playing tough and I knew eventually they would get a turnover and get us a break and sure enough they did and they played great there at the end getting us the win.”

(on the final drive of the game and play calling)
“No, that’s coach [Kevin] Gilbride, he called a great game plan. There at the end they had a couple blitz zeros that we checked a couple plays that receives were on. On the same page some guys made some big-time plays: Mario Manningham on the go-rout, Hakeem [Nicks] had some great throws, Victor Cruz all those guys. Our tight ends – a couple of them got hurt and bringing in some new guys and playing in different spots – a great effort by the whole team.”

(on how it feels to win a Super Bowl in the building your brother built)
“It just feels good to win a Super Bowl. It doesn’t matter where or what stadium [you’re in]. Indianapolis has been a great host for the Super Bowl, but I feel this is great for my teammates, my coaches, and the Giants organization for all of the dedication they put in this year to make this happen.”

(on Chevy presentation)
“Thank you.”

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