(on the game) “We probably never got into a great rhythm. We were certainly worse in lapses in our final possession. Like you said, we got the ball on the first drive and had a good drive, then the second drive went down there and scored and then it was strange there after that not having, I think maybe six plays in the second quarter then of course once the Saints won the toss, it was big to hold them there at the end of the first half on that goal line stand. Disappointing possession on that next series not being able to maintain the ball, run the clock out, gave them three more points, and then we let them have the onsides kick on that first series of the second half. That kind of negated the coin toss. That was disappointing so certainly made it tough.”

(on the interception by Saints CB Tracy Porter) “Made a great play. He made a great play. That’s all I can say about it. Porter made a heck of a play.”

(on the route that Colts WR Reggie Wayne ran on the interception by Porter) “It’s kind of a play we’ve run a lot and Porter just made a great play.”

(on if the interception was the play that broke the back) “Well yeah certainly is disappointing. We were down seven there and on the drive before, that was disappointing as well. We had a good drive going, got down there, had good field position. What happened on first down ... Had a second down when we threw a screen that really had a chance to be a big play, we lost yards on that. Had the third down that was incomplete and then giving them good field position with the missed field goal, and then the Saints of course capitalized. I give the Saints a lot of credit. They played well in all phases. Made some critical plays on special teams, defense made stops when they had to, and Drew (Brees) did a good job getting his team in the end zone. They deserve the win today.”

Nota completa...

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