Wednesday, February 03 2010

In just over a month, the NFL is planning to remove its salary cap and toss it away like an old frisbee. In just over a year, once the current collective bargaining agreement expires and after more than 20 years of labor peace, this $8 billion a year industry may lock out its players. This article was written by Gary Myers and appeared in The New York Daily News.

It's Super Bowl week - and the posturing is sure to accelerate in south Florida in the coming days. The sand is just about out of the hourglass - the new league year starts on March 5 and the landscape is about to shift with the first uncapped year since the system was instituted in 1994.

The threat of a lockout by the owners in 2011 hangs over negotiations with the NFL Players Association that have gone nowhere, at least not so far, for a league that hasn't lost any games to labor unrest since the 24-day strike in 1987.

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